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Heal! Good Girl!
Heal! Good Girl!

Heal! Good Girl!

$ 295.00

Our artisanal Get Well basket that is appropriately named Heal! Good Girl! is the best seller in our giftbox category! 

In a custom 18 x 18 wooden box you will find:

  • A handmade floral heart with each baby roses meticulously pinned onto a heart mold. 
  • Three bottles of organic pressed juice
  • Masala chai tea leaves for brewing
  • Raw honey from bees that collect nectar from orange blossom trees
  • A book celebrating inner beauty and courageous fight to heal
  • You Are Loved beauty box set
  • A jar of mellow scented candle to relax you

All these rest snugly in between greeneries that we fetched at 5am from downtown LA flower market.