Gluten-Free Baked Tofu Donuts

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Half dozen gluten-free donuts boxed, ribboned and delivered!

- Soy products from Meiji Tofu which only uses Non- GMO soy beans.

- Rice Flour is from Koda Farms (South Dos Palos, CA). This flour is cold-rolled milled on site from California grown, pure, unadulterated rice – nothing has been added. Special grinding technique to keep the flavor, aroma and nutritional value.

- A blend of natural sugar TREHA® trehalose of HAYASHIBARA (Okayama, Japan) mixed with organic cane sugar.

- Organic eggs from chickens that only eat natural food.

- Fat free Greek yogurt to add healthy creaminess.

- Cold packed, unheated and raw honey from HONEY PACIFICA (Long Beach, CA).

- Organic cultured butter from PETALUMA CREAMERY (Petaluma, CA), which has been around over 100 years, for its sweet flavor and fresh aroma of yogurt.

- 100% matcha green tea from Japan.


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