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We're Open!

We're Open!

So excited to introduce our new online flower shop to all of our loyalists! It's been a long arduous two weeks filled with highly caffeinated days and nights to get the shop ready and launched before Valentine's Day. And finally, Sunday Jan 31! Yay!  

I will be providing you with snippets of what life is like surrounded by flowers.

Also, every Thursday you will receive a Flowergram from us. Be sure to enter your email and subscribe because it's going to be worthwhile! I will share photos about our daily grind, yes, dirt and all! I want you to get to know the people whose hands are dirty from the soil that grow your flowers because these are very important people and they work hard to bring you the flowers of the world! There are also valuable lessons in flowers and what they are trying to teach us during their short time with us here on earth. I want to remind you of that beautiful life lesson flowers can teach us.

Another exciting thing, I want to teach you how to make your own arrangement! I want to teach you how to DIY your own wedding when you are on a tight budget. I want to show you the many things you can do with flowers. 

Having been born in Indonesia and traveled half of the world (I am coming Europe!), I want to take you to the beautiful islands of Indonesia to see how that part of the world uses flowers, I want to take you to Vietnam to the floating flower market, I want to take you to India where flowers are offered to the gods. 

So stick around! It's going to be a flowery road, but I promise you the view is going to be spectacular! ALL ABOARD!!!!!!!! 


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